Middle/High School

     The Youth and Adult Middle/High School setting at One for Autism offers structured, facility based educational and behavioral instruction to student’s ages 12-21 years old.  This is a full day program operating from 8:30am to 3:30 pm, year round and employs techniques of applied behavior analyses (ABA) to address the specific needs of each student, whether in the areas of language, social skills and academics.  In the classroom, we have a certified special education teacher and four behavioral therapists to assist with the students. The teachers and therapists in the classroom are highly trained in behavior analysis and employ educational techniques based on their continued staff developments and conferences.  The program offers a strong educational based curriculum in all the content areas: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  Social Skills is a great importance to our students, and to us, so we work with each student to build strong relationships, independence and awareness.  In the program, recreational therapy, music therapy, OT, Speech Therapy and ABA services are offered to complement what is being learned in the classroom. Community based outings are also included in the program.    



Bradley Smith

Congratulations to Bradley for taking the STAAR-M in the Spring of 2013 and passing in all areas.


Aaron “Glenn” Salas

Congratulations Glenn for doing an amazing job in passing your Social Studies, Reading, and Science 2013 STAAR-M state exam.